author Barbara Gussmagg

Barbara Gussmagg


  • Psoriasis is among the chronic noncommunicable diseases that affect the epidermis, or nail plate with the formation of rashes and peeling.
    17 September 2018
  • There are different assumptions, why is psoriasis, however, to end this aspect has not been studied. Disease suffer quite a lot of people, so it is useful to know what appears psoriasis, its symptoms and methods of treatment.
    14 September 2018
  • Psoriasis is a noncommunicable disease that affects the skin and its appendages: hair, nail plate. Why do I get psoriasis?
    22 August 2018
  • In children psoriasis treatment should start as early as possible and stick to it. Also strictly you should follow your doctor's advice on skin care. It is very important to adhere to the principles of a healthy lifestyle to help the immune system to cope with psoriasis.
    15 August 2018
  • Psoriasis on hands is a chronic skin disease that is not fully understood, to date little progress in finding effective treatment is not observed.
    15 August 2018
  • Causes of psoriasis is still not exactly known. According to one theory, the cause of psoriasis are solely immunity disorders caused by various factors: it could be stress, or infectious diseases, or cold climate, or poor diet.
    13 August 2018
  • Successful treatment of psoriasis folk remedies it is possible if to observe the following recommendations given in the General table.
    12 August 2018
  • Often, patients interested in questions about how the psoriasis begins and what are the symptoms of psoriasis of the skin. Will try to find out the answer later in the article.
    12 August 2018
  • Nail psoriasis (psoriatic onihodistrofiya) is a form of chronic dermatosis.
    10 August 2018