Psoriasis patients

Dermatological problems plagued most of the population, psoriasis patients often suffer from the fact that they ascribe all sorts of stories. It is necessary to discuss the most common myths and to focus on some points.

psoriasis patients

It is unknown where did the rumours on this subject for a long time, and excite the public. In fact, they are not baseless, as anomalies of skin type at the genetic level may actually push the organism to the emergence of malignant cells.

For example, psoriatic disease and cancer of the skin refers to one subtype of the diseases that occur as a result of the failure of intracellular development and growth. May be this is the reason why psoriatic very sensitive to their health, as they fear the development of cancer process.

Experts note that in the preparation of therapeutic tactics against psoriatic disease, sometimes it is necessary to prescribe complex medicines. They negatively affect the immune system and provoke changes in the phase of cell renewal of the dermis.

There is another point, which negatively affects the health of a patient with psoriasis. To improve skin condition with exacerbation or in remission, almost always prescribe a few sessions of light therapy. Patients who suffer from this illness all my life, at a Mature age can get sick planocellular cancer.

The conclusion that people who are treated for psoriasis, on the contrary, are at risk. All around them, lurking danger, as in medical practice to use not only for light therapy but also resort to the help of hormones.

It is easier to learn

This view is mistaken, because the disease generates a lot of complexes. This is especially true for women, because the aggravation can happen in the summer. Then they are forced to wear closed meetings, indulge in the beaches. Accordingly, to meet people with a similar problem will be difficult.

Some people may feel disgust because of the unknown stains on the body. However, they did not realize that it is not contagious. It is worth noting that even women are not ready to accept the man who has a skin defect.

It is noted that psoriasis can be transmitted by inheritance, though not always, but a similar trend is present. For this reason, those who consider marriage and the establishment of the offspring, can stop the development already ortum relations.

Of course, if there is such a delicate disease will be difficult to have a relationship due to some complex. However, patients do not miss a dermatologist and acquire fun with those who suffer from this disease. They know many of the subtleties in the status of the partner and do not suffer from a misunderstanding on the part of his half.

psoriasis patients look younger

Have benefits

Some patients have psoriasis is very complicated currents, so have the right to design disability. This feature will help them to get free drugs and significantly reduce drug costs.

In addition, when you receive disability from the patient once there are additional benefits for payment of utility services, Spa treatment, travel in suburban transport. Depending on region, the list of privileges can totam.

To obtain the disability must be a good conditions, each patient with psoriatic disease such privilege not to. For example, the basis for the submission of documents can serve as a long lasting disability amid relapse.

Direction to the passage of the Commission gives the doctor, he signs the final papers. Often the patient can count on 3 group of disability. Given the current conditions during the inspection, this is a good result.

Look younger

But it's just true! Due to the accelerated cellular metabolism and growth, is the regular update of the dermis. The skin looks great, different elasticity and lack of wrinkles, even into adulthood.

Moreover, most patients regularly using moisturizers, and not only during exacerbation of the disease. So individuals are well-groomed and healthy, especially in women.

Accelerated skin renewal implies the existence of a light lifting effect. Thus, without the aid of cosmetics news in these patients there is a possibility to look very good.

Of course, if the disease affects face, the sight can leave, especially in the acute phase. Therefore, when the first symptoms should immediately go to a dermatologist and start treatment therapy. Then there is a chance to avoid a pronounced relapse and terrible appearance.

It is noted that people with psoriatic plaques not to use any stamps and lots of cosmetics. Produced by sparing options that improve its appearance. While creams and lotions will not have allergic reactions as they have been carefully selected.

Not sick of HIV

Psoriasis and HIV infection may be one person, psoriatic problems are not protected from the threat of the disease. Both diseases are caused by problems with the immune system, they weaken it much.

If an HIV-infected patient diagnosed with psoriasis, then it is not envy. The disease is severe and is extremely difficult. In these patients there is almost no natural resistance of the body against various infections. Skin has an unhealthy look, there is swelling, itching, redness.

Doctors know if a patient with HIV find psoriasis, then this phenomenon is considered a poor prognosis. For this reason, patients are trying to be careful and constantly examine their skin for signs of defects. If there is dryness or flaking, they need to lubricate the baby cream.

And again, the myth is dispelled, as psoriatic can get HIV. Their dermatological problem is not a barrier to infection.

psoriasis patients not affected by HIV

Live longer

To some extent, this fact is not groundless, because people with this disease must follow a diet and a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, health becomes stronger,the stress factors are almost absent. This is not directly related to psoriasis, but rather, is due to the imposition of restrictions that contribute to the stabilization.

By the way, the wounds of those who suffers from psoriasis heal pretty quickly. The same thing happens with inner wounds or injuries.

The opinion is very controversial, as the life expectancy depends on external factors and General health. It psoriasis does not give any additional supply to extend life cycle. So take better care of themselves, and not illusions.